Thursday, January 17, 2013

Polaroids from Instagram

I think sometimes it's hard to go from a crafty planner to a crafty doer. The actual act of starting (and finishing a project) can seem a little overwhelming. And that's how you end up with a fridge that looks like this

I bought these cute magnetic Polaroid frames at Typo way back when I was doing my Christmas shopping. They were a very spur of the moment purchase but I had wanted to put up polaroids ever since my Sister made these last year.

If you're wanting a from scratch kind of DIY then her blog is the place to go. I found so many reasons I couldn't get started on these. My photo's weren't good enough, I didn't have a colour printer set up, I didn't have time, the list was never ending! In the end though I decided it didn't matter if my photos weren't professional, it didn't even matter if they were horrible, we'd still enjoy looking at them.

I resized my instagram shots to 3" x 3" in Photoshop and put them in the middle of a 4" x 6" white background. I then had them printed out at the local shops for only 15c each.

There was another photo on my USB stick of my sister but for some reason it didn't show up when I was printing them out. I trimmed the white border off with a ruler and hobby blade.

I put a little washi tape label on each one with a caption. The writing shows up much better in reality. You can get the adorable washi tape at Chibi Run.

The only thing left to do was put them on the fridge with some of my favourite magnets. This really only took about 15 minutes tops, but they are already brightening my day. Though I can't decide whether to keep them on the fridge or use them to spruce up the eyesore of a filing cabinet in the middle of my living room?

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  1. These look so great!! You've inspired me to update mine too :)

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see your update :o)