Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ikea Love - Floor Planning

The furniture in my house is getting on a bit in years. It was gifted to me by my Dad when he downsized and comes from a home much bigger than mine. At the moment it is all crammed in minus a few arm chairs that I had to leave in storage.

I have a lounge dining/area combined. Half my lounge space is taken up by a ginormous corner desk and the other half by my sofa and TV console. My rather small dining area has an 8 seater table, but only fits if part of it is pushed up against the kitchen island!

My furniture is funcional and it does the trick but I do plan on replacing it all. And I do love Ikea!

I have a certain sister who would happily take my dining set off my hands any time I asked, I have no need for a desk that measures 1.8m x 1.8m, a console half the depth of the one I have would do and I would dearly love to replace my couch with a sofa-bed so my poor Mum doesn't have to sleep on a mattress on the floor when she comes to stay! 

As I cleaned today I moved my sofa around trying out different locations until I finally settled on a setup I like. Floor space isn't so much a problem as the ridiculous location of doors and windows that leaves not much in the way of blank walls to put furniture against.

I scoured the Ikea website to find some furniture I liked then drew up a little floor plan in Illustrator.

The total cost of my new downstairs? $2235.96
Hmmm.... Not quite sure how this fits in with my New Years Resolution to become debt free? A girl can dream though can't she? :o)


  1. Great layout plan J!! You could always add a narrow console table along the back of the couch so that it adds visual interest when you first walk in the door. Plus we could totally DIY something as simple as a console table :)