Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's just a migraine...

After a trip to the hospital (thank you to my sister for calling an ambulance, I'm sorry I yelled at you), blood tests, poking, prodding and an MRI the Dr's have established I am suffering from migraines. The kind where:
- Body parts go numb
- My vision goes out of whack
- I forget how to speak
- And I don't get a headache

You could forgive someone for thinking it was a stroke.

I'm fantastically grateful that there is nothing more wrong with me but I am utterly disappointed that the diagnosis didn't come with an instant fix. I don't want to space out on a daily basis, I don't want people to constantly watch me to see if I'm about to do something weird and I get frustrated constantly explaining that a Dr can't help and I don't need to go to hospital.

I feel like I've aged about 60 years with the amount of pills I am suddenly popping. I've got beta blockers to stop them long term, instant fixers (when they work) that I take daily and the chemist convinced me a magnesium supplement was needed too.

I hate taking the drugs in that I want to believe that through healthy living I can stop the migraines myself. I can think if about a million different ways that I could improve my lifestyle, but changes like that time take time to take effect. And I need to be a functioning member of society now!

I wish I knew why they got suddenly and dramatically worse, but no one seems to know or care because it's just a migraine.

I'm having my own little pity party at the moment but the reality is I just need to be patient. The new medication will take time to work and then when it does I'll feel like my old self again :o)


  1. I am so incredibly happy that they are just migraines xxoo

    1. Me too! I know I shouldn't complain given what you go through on a daily basis :o( xx

  2. Tamsyn pointed me in your direction... I'm glad it's only migraines too! Having a pill cocktail regularly is a real pain... But I hope they do make you feel heaps better in the long run and hopefully you can go off them when the time is right! x

    1. Thanks Germaine, I'm already starting to need the daily ones less and less. I feel a bit silly for complaining now! :o)