Friday, February 1, 2013

Frugal February

I can't believe that January is gone already. Ava is now back at school and the year is flying by!

My goal for February is to bunker down and save some cash. Bring on Frugal February.

Frugal February is about only spending money on essential things. For us this will be mean no discretionary spending on:

  • clothes 
  • take-aways
  • stuff
I'm going to try and cut my spending in other areas too:

  • Halve petrol bill
  • Cut grocery bill by $50 a fortnight

There are of course some exceptions and caveats!

  • I will still pay all my bills when they fall due
  • I will follow through with items I've already committed to buy - like Ava's new violin
  • I can spend any gift cards that I have/earn during Feb 
  • I can spend money on my vegetable garden as it gives us food but this month the money has to come from my grocery fund instead of play money
The combination of money saving and my intended eBaying blitz should see with my a nice wad of cash at the end of the month which will go straight on the credit card.

While I'm here I might do a quick wrap up of my resolutions went in January.
  1. Organise our home -  I started well with this one but typically got less enthused as the month went on. I have got rid of a lot of rubbish I just have to keep on going
  2. Build up my garden - My garden continues to be less than average. I've decided to give square foot gardening a go and I've got all the supplies I need.
  3. Become Debt Free - I paid off one credit card and destroyed it in January. I didn't get as far ahead as I'd like with the second. This is a long and painful process to undo years of bad decisions. It really motivates me not to let this happen again though.
  4. Become healthy - The drugs have kicked in and the migraines have stopped. I feel normal again! Now I just have to figure out how to get off them :o) I've gained 3kg lately so in February I plan on getting back to basics with my diet. It's easier to lose 3kg rather than 30!
  5. Finish things I start - I finished several projects in January, I just need to blog about them
  6. Sew at least one item a month - I waited all month for overlocker to come back from the shop but they are still waiting on parts to come back. In the end I borrowed my Sister's and achieved my goal by making some underwear for Emily.
February is going to be tough but hopefully some things will stick and become habits. Will you join me?

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