Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #5 - CressHeads

This is my first time participating in the Pinterest challenge. That is unless you count this bird I instagrammed last time?

My Pinterest boards are currently overflowing with things I want to do/try/own. It was hard to pick a project. In the end I went with one that was quick, easy and also entertained the little ones.

My sister had done a similar project a little while back so I knew it was something that would work in our climate.

We gathered our supplies of egg shells, cotton balls, glue, goggly eyes
and of course some cress seeds

The girls carefully stuffed cotton wool into their eggs.

Em need a little help

We then filled them with water. It was only afterwards I realised
you're meant to wet the cotton wool first!

Em was very careful but we did end up losing an egg...

Em had enough by this stage so Ava and I sprinkled on some seeds
and decorated the eggs

Now next you're meant to put them somewhere dark so they can sprout and then take them out after a couple of days to keep growing. Well we sort of kind of forgot about ours...

A week later and they were in some desperate need of some TLC!

Luckily after some water, sunshine and a few days R&R
they were looking more like the pinspiration

Bonus: Ava's scary ones looked great for Halloween

Unfortunately Emily's cracked replacement did not turn out so well.
Between failing to really sprout and losing an eye, it was one
sad little egg cup.

I'm calling this a success. Ours definitely don't look as uniform as the original but we had a lot of fun! Who knows we might even try our hands at some old fashioned grass heads next!

The Pinterest Challenge links up lots of great bloggers and ideas. The hosts this time are Katie, Sherry, Sarah and Carmel. I'm a little behind the schedule so there are already heaps of cool projects to go and check out!


  1. I love the looks of concentration on their little faces!! Ava did a great job of drawing those spooky Halloween eggs :)

    1. She did! I think hers turned out better than my moustache men :o)

  2. Oh my gosh, what a cute project! I can't wait to have kids and do fun things like this with them :) Looks like they enjoyed it so much!!

    1. They really did fun. It can be hard finding things that a seven year old and two year old both enjoy but this one managed :o)

  3. This is too cute! I bet the kids had so much fun! I should do this with my daughter. However, I do have a reputation of killing plant life.