Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ottobre 3/09 Velma Vintage Skirt - A Gift To Say Thank You

A little while back we went travelled up north and went to a friend's baptism. After the service there was a gathering at the local park. It was a special occasion and I made the girls new outfits to celebrate.

Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos because
a) Emily kept getting completely dishevelled and
b) About 5 minutes after we arrived Emily went head first into a pond

If there's trouble to be found, Emily will be there! Thankfully all the parents were standing dutifully by their toddlers and the open body of water, I fished her out pretty quickly. I won't say it wasn't heart wrenchingly scary but the nightmares are slowly dissolving...

Moments before...

I was completely unprepared and of course had no spare clothes for Em. Thankfully Kate's mum (Kate is standing to the left of Em in the picture) is a WonderMum and quickly produced towels and spare clothing. She even had spare shoes!

Basically she saved the day and Kate was very sweet making sure that Em was ok. I wanted to say thank you and I know Kate loves pretty things. I decided to make her a skirt to say thanks.

Velma Vintage Skirt - Front

Velma Vintage Skirt - Back

I can't say I'm a particular fan of Ottobre patterns but then that could just be because my sewing skills aren't up to par. I have to re-read the instructions so many times before I can understand them.

I do apologise for the photos. I think improving my skills might be on my to do list for the New Year!

Hopefully Kate and her Mummy will like the outfit and get some good wear out of the skirts :o)


  1. It so gorgeous J, and I know that Nat absolutely loves it xx

    1. Thanks Tam, I'm bummed it's too bog but hopefully she'll grow into it soon!