Saturday, October 6, 2012

Super Heroes

What do you do when your darling angel comes home and tells you that she needs a super hero costume for tomorrow?  Why you stay up until 1am sewing of course! And you make two to save the inevitable drama of your toddler wanting one too...

Super Ava

Super Emmy

Ava originally wanted to be batman. Unfortunately I had used the last of my carbon fibre making protective clothing in preparation for the Zombocalypse* and so I had to search my stash for something else.

Fortunately I had an abundance of Barbie fabric that I'd picked up at a dollar store. It was so cheap that even though I only needed a small amount to make Ava a chair bag for school, I'd bought many metres.  Unsurprisingly there aren't too many projects that call for Barbie fabrics so this seemed like a good way to get rid of some of it.

I tried to wake Ava up to ask if she approved of my fabric choice but that child could sleep through anything...

I quickly whipped up a pattern for each of them. I read a few different tutorials but ended up just doing my own thing. Measuring them while they were sleeping was a bit tricky but we got there!

Emily's wasn't quite wide enough in the neck but Ava's was perfect.

The outer was a Barbie flannel and the inner was a Barbie cotton. They are reversible of course

It was just a matter of sewing the two sides together, edge stitching and attaching some velcro

Capes hanging and waiting their heroes

I took a million measurements of their little sleeping faces. 

The measurements were so close though that I just made two of the same for the masks.

I did one white felt layer and one pink and stitched some elastic between the layers. Edge-stitching the outside and outlining the eyes.

The look on Ava's face the next morning was worth every ounce of lost sleep. I was worried that it was such a far cry from Batman that she wouldn't like it. The minute she saw it though she squealed with delight and said "I can be Barbie Girl!"

Emily wasn't interested in hers when she woke up but as soon as she saw Ava wearing it she said "Emily turn" and tried to pull it off. Luckily I'd prepared with two!

My Heroes!

Playing dress ups is fun no matter your age. Ava has just had another few days in hospital which is always tough for her. As were leaving today we ran into some Storm Troopers. Ava was so excited and they were kind enough to offer to pose for some photos with her. It never ceases to amaze me how kind people are in volunteering their time for sick kids. We had the clown Drs visit as well and the difference to Ava's stats while they were there was nothing short of amazing :o)

*Note: Since writing this it has come to my attention that Batman's outfit is made predominately of Kevlar. Good thing I didn't have any carbon fibre left, that would have been soooo embarrassing!


  1. The two cutest super heroes I have ever seen!! I love that you just wiped the capes and masks up from scratch without a pattern, very clever :)

    1. Awww thanks Tam. I envisage some capes for your boys sometime in the future too!