Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paleo Banana Split

I love my children to bits but some days are a little harder than others. Some days its a non-stop stream of this:

This particular tantrum was because she had to give one of three cloths she had to Ava so Ava could wash her face.

Days like these normally require copious amount of chocolate (as opposed to a normal day that requires high levels of chocolate). Today it did not seem like chocolate alone would be enough and so the Paleo Banana Split was born.

Paleo Banana Split

One banana
Dark Chocolate - I like 85%
Some sort of Nut Spread - Cashew is my favourite

Side note here. I am slightly annoyed that Coles Online decided 70% dark chocolate was an appropriate substitute for 85% and Almond, Brazil and Cashew spread could sub for Cashew Spread!

Start by cutting your banana down the middle (harder than it looks) and slicing your strawberries. Eat the ends of the strawberries as you go because it's important to have flat parts for the split! Melt a couple of rows of dark chocolate. At this stage you could dip those strawberry ends in the melted chocolate to make sure it was properly melted...

Arrange your banana on a plate and then spread with nut butter. Lay your strawberries on and then finally drizzle with the dark chocolate. If your fruit has come from the fridge then the chocolate will harden on top. 

 Eat, enjoy, but most importantly be thankful the children are asleep and you don't have to share!


  1. Yum!! You NEED to make this for me :)

  2. Oh yum - that looks truly delicious!
    I love having secret treats when the kids are in bed and I don't have to share - does that make me a bad mother!!??