Friday, September 7, 2012

Strawberry, Lemon and Apple Juice

A little while ago my Mum gave me a giant bag of home grown mandarins and lemons. Emily and I ate the mandarins very quickly leaving us with a giant bag of lemons.

Well you know how the saying goes, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade". Except we don't eat sugar. So we decided sweeten ours with other fruit.

In the fridge I found half a punnet of strawberries and an apple. I decided three lemons would be good. I couldn't find a juicer so decided the food processor would have to suffice.

I recently got this nifty gadget that peels, cores and slices apples. It's good fun and I'm always looking for a reason to use it! I put the sliced apple, lemon flesh and strawberries in the processor. Whizzed it, added about 600ml of cold water then whizzed it again. There was still a LOT of pulp so I strained it through some fabric.

Voila! Strawberry, Lemon and Apple Juice. Emily and I really liked it but Ava thought it was too tart. She has such a sweet tooth that one. If you're used to drinking sweet things you probably won't like this but if you don't mid a little tartness then this is one refreshing drink!


  1. I think it sounds delicious :)

    1. Thanks. I would have brought you some today if Emily hadn't finished it off for breakfast :o)