Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finders Keepers

I was incredibly excited when I heard the Finders Keepers markets were going to be on in Brisbane last weekend. I've always wanted to go but the planets have never aligned!

Last week my sister and I disentangled ourselves from our offspring and headed off to the markets. It was a marvellous day. The weather was mild and the markets weren't too big. Perfect for Tam who is now 39 weeks pregnant

It was so hard to choose just a few things to bring home and I have dreams of going next time with a much bigger budget

My little haul

What I got...
The chalks are from One Lantern, but I'm not sure if they sell them online

An adorable fox brooch from Sharon Muir
All her ceramics were truly devine and I hope her online store opens soon

A rattle for the upcoming arrival from Amor Amor
Their items are made so you can colour them in with washable texta!

3 patterns from Craft Schmaft
I first pinned those balloons a while back and I was delighted to find
the patterns. You can get the PDF's online but if you get the chance to
see them in person their paper patterns are beautifully presented.

We made a quick stop in to Chermside on the way home so Tam could help me pick out an outfit from Portmans. She very kindly gave me a voucher for my birthday. We got a dress and some shoes, woot woot :o)

Photography by Ava. You can see me wearing my little fox brooch.

If you're on Instagram you've probably seen by now that they've put up profile pages. I'm loving it and if you want you can see us here 


  1. It was such a fun day, thanks for putting up with me and my waddle :)

    1. 1) You don't waddle and
      2) It wasn't the kind of place you want to hurry through anyway!
      Thanks for a great day xx