Monday, November 12, 2012

Chowstalker Love!

Somehow, up until recently, it has completely escaped my notice that there is an awesome website called

From their about page:
"Chowstalker is a place to find real food and connect with people who know how to cook it"

We've tried out a couple of recipes lately and been impressed with the results.

First up was Olive, Garlic and Lemon Chicken. We had this with green salad and the sauce made a great dressing. It was also good in that you use whole chicken thighs. This meant it was a hit with Ava who doesn't like olives or onions. I could just take out a thigh and it had all the flavour with none of the "bits". 

A few nights later we had Pollo Fundido. What's not to love about this one? Chicken and bacon in a creamy cheese sauce. If your stomach can handle the dairy then it's a guaranteed winner. We were all fighting over leftovers the next day!

So if you're into gluten free eating I highly recommend you check it out. Now I'm off to explore this thing called Dessert Stalker!


  1. Wow- this looks delicious! =) I'm always looking for new chicken recipes! Thanks!

    1. I know we should eat more red meat, but chicken normally wins out when deciding what's for dinner :o)